Recovering Money After A Motor Vehicle Accident

We strive to obtain the MAXIMUM SETTLEMENT for our clients AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Accidents on Indiana roads and highways are far too common, and they can leave families devastated by injury, expenses, pain and suffering, and loss.

At Golden Law, PC, in Fort Wayne, we help our clients with all aspects of the aftermath, from time lost at work because of injuries sustained in a car crash, to insurmountable medical bills for long-term disability after a collision with a commercial vehicle, to dealing with the loss of a family member killed while driving a motorcycle, motor vehicle and auto accidents. We know what to do to aggressively advocate for you in your personal injury claim.

Representation When You Need It Most

The damages from an auto accident range from minor to catastrophic injuries. Sometimes the long term impact from a motor vehicle accident isn't immediately clear, and the law provides a two year statute of limitation on making a claim for injuries arising out of negligence in Indiana. From minor injuries to injuries causing death, our law office can represent your needs whether demanding proper payment from your insurer under the terms of your policy, or against the person or company responsible for your injuries.

Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Claims

When you've suffered as the result of an auto accident collision, it can become unclear who is responsible for paying damages. A terrifying number of drivers are uninsured or underinsured. When you've been seriously injured by someone without proper insurance to cover your expenses, you may find yourself in a complicated conflict with the other drivers' insurance company or even your own.

It is important to remember that even your own insurance company is most interested in protecting its own interests above yours. When you've been injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorist in an auto accident, it's important to have strong representation that is focused on protecting your interests. Your insurance company, when you file such a claim, no longer is obligated to treat you fairly, and it will treat you as any other person making a claim for compensation against it.

Looking Out For You

Our law office is proud to defend the rights and needs of injured individuals and families across Northern Indiana. We are proud to have been able to assist many families in recovering the compensation they need to pay for medical expenses, make up for time lost from work, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, or rebuild a future interrupted by serious injury or a wrongful death.

We offer a free initial consultation and fees contingent upon our ability to collect for you, thus allowing you to pursue your claim, as we will advance both the professional hours and costs necessary to prove your claim. Contact us today at 260-440-7634 to put our experience and ethical approach to litigation for you.